Felix D.
Julie is an amazing massage therapy. Her sessions are very safe, relaxing, effective, and she is full of knowledge about Myofascial Release Technique that help me to eliminate pain and bring back my range of motion.
Anhthu L.
I am thrilled to have found Julie! My husband and I get massages frequently and Julie is by far one of the best. She is an extremely skillful healer, and her extensive training shows. She is also very intuitive, knowing which areas of my body need extra attention or more pressure. I highly recommend her!
James T.
I have had almost ten massages from Jules, and she has a great talent for finding my trouble spots and working out the kinks. She is an excellent massage therapist, both knowledgeable and intuitive. Highly recommended!
LaVerne's Beauty Spa L.
Julie is the ultimate best. I had a pain in between my shoulder blades running through my shoulders and up to my head for months. I was having trouble moving my arms and the pain would wake me up at nights and I've been to a few massage therapists and no one came close to the healing touch from Julie. I strongly recommend her. She is a special gem. One you wouldn't want to live without.
Carol M.
I happily fell into the hands of Julie quite randomly, as a birthday gift from my spouse. I couldn't be more pleased, comforted and energized by the experience. I've had my share of massages over a lifetime of 60 + years, and Julie is knowledgeable, experienced, and with a gift of perceptiveness. She listens to you first of all, to gain an awareness of what may be troubling you, where to concentrate, and what may be the root cause whether you realize it or not. She will use a myriad of skills to go from there to ease your pain and stimulate healing from deeply within. The hot stones are divine as well. Look no further if you need understanding, relief, comfort and deep stimulation.
Lauren R.
Julie gave me the most fantastic massage! I recently had my baby and she gave me the best prenatal ever! She is extremely knowledgeable on the body and has the perfect touch. I never had to discuss pressure as she could read exactly what my body needed! I will definitely be back for more!! I am really picky on massage therapists and Julie just nailed it!!
Mary I.
Julie is an awesome massage therapist... I've had a LOT of massages over the years, and Julie is one of a kind. No matter what I go into a session with (neck/shoulder pain, hip/psoas tightness, minor sports injury), Julie knows what's happening and what to do. Her ability to go deep, or know when to back off allows me to relax and know that I'll be taken care of. She creates a safe environment, respectfully listens to what you want (and need) and skillfully knows how/where to work. After the session if I have any questions or concerns, Julie will take some time to point me to a resource that can help (website/product/technique etc.). I end up leaving every session incredibly relaxed (and signing up for more!) Julie is a rare massage professional with the gift of healing touch. I highly recommend her!
Kristi T.
One of the best massages of my life! Jules has an intuitive way of knowing just where the sticky and difficult spots are and using the best massage techniques to help me find relief and healing. She quickly came to understand the physical issues I was dealing with offering techniques to use beyond the massage session to keep the healing going. She is a knowledgeable professional with a healers touch. I strongly recommend spending an hour or two with her - your body will thank you!